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Vocational Journey / Jornada Vocacional

Vocational Journey  Jornada VocacionalGod is calling you!  All youth are invited to a Vocational Journey that will take place at Saint Charles Seminary on June 25th in English and July 9th in Spanish from 2PM to 8PM.  We will hear the fascinating stories of how ordinary people become priests, religious sisters, married people and dedicated single people in service of the community.  There will be adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with praise and worship music.  Come join us!  Dinner will be provided.  Please call the vocation office to register if possible at 915-872-8403.  You may also register at the door or, if you are ready, here below.  All youth are invited.

¡Dios te está llamando!  Todos los jóvenes están invitados a una Jornada Vocacional que se llevará a cabo en el Seminario San Carlos el 25 de junio en inglés y el 9 de julio en español de las 2PM a las 8PM.  Escucharemos historias de como personas ordinarias se han convertido en sacerdotes, hermanas religiosas, personas casadas y personas solteras en servicio a la comunidad.  Tendremos adoración del Santísimo Sacramento con alabanzas.  ¡Acompáñanos!  Se proporcionará cena.  Llama a la oficina de vocaciones para inscribirte si es posible al 915-872-8403.  También te puedes inscribir en la puerta o, si estas listo(a), aquí abajo.  Todos están invitados.



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God’s Not Dead

The Lord has Risen, Alleluia! Our God is not dead, He is alive! Christ died for each one of us. This “death” of His is the greatest sign of love. Rejoice my brothers and sisters, Christ loves each one us. Let us turn back to Him and show others what it means to be Christians. Love one another and He loves you. Forgive those who have offended you and forget all the wrongs others have done to you. May this Easter Season be filled with new life and restored faith in Him. Now, go out and spread the Good News.

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Lenten Wrapped Cool Cross Silhouette

Lent is a time in which many offer up things for God in order to grow in a certain area in their life. What have you offered up? How many times do we complain about school, work, family and/or live in general? Why do we complain? Does someone or something drive us crazy, angry or sad? What do you about it? Do you complain about it amongst friends or do you keep it all to yourself? Brothers and sisters, I invite you to offer that feeling to the Lord our God. It is your cross to carry this Lenten season. “Even though you (I) walk in the dark valley” whether it is your house, school or work, the Lord will be there at every step. He will help you get passed through it all because “The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing you (I) shall want.” Go then brothers and sisters and pray to our God for virtue of patience and humility throughout this season of sacrifice and offerings. What do you say when our Lord asks us “Who do you say that I am?”

La Cuaresma es un tiempo donde muchos ofrecen ciertas cosas a Dios con el fin de crecer en un área determinada. ¿Qué has ofrecido? ¿Cuántas veces nos quejamos de la escuela, el trabajo, la familia y/o de la vida en general? ¿Por qué nos quejamos? ¿Hay alguien o algo nos enfurece, nos enoja o nos pone triste? ¿Qué es lo que haces sobre eso? ¿Te quejas sobre esa cosa entre amigos o lo te lo quedas tú? Hermanos y hermanas, los invito a que ofrezcan ese problema al Señor nuestro Dios. Ese problema es su cruz durante este tiempo de Cuaresma. “Aunque camine por cañadas oscuras” ya que sea su casa, la escuela o el trabajo, el Señor estará allí en cada paso. Él los ayudara a pasar ese momento, porque “El Señor es mi pastor, nada te (me) faltará.” Hermanos y hermanas, los invito a que le pidan a Dios por las virtudes de paciencia y humildad en esta temporada de sacrificios. Y usted qué respuesta tiene cuando nuestro Señor nos dice “¿Quien dicen que soy yo?”



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Estar Atento Con Dios…Ser Positivo

Lo que voy a compartir en este momento es de mi primer semestre en Sacred Heart Seminary, donde descubrí la profundad del amor de Dios en mi vida. En mi mente pensé que iba a empezar con la teología pero no era lo que pensaba.. Pues eso me hizo entender que en la vida hay que estudiar y analizar cada cosa paso a paso y con tranquilidad. Lo mas importante es de dejar a Dios de ser el centro de tu vida, porque las cosas no estaban muy bien como lo esperaba, pero con lo que escribo abajo me ayudaron a reencontrar my fuerza y seguir a Dios.

 Donde hay fe, hay amor

donde hay amor, hay paz

donde esta Dios, no falta

Jesus I need you to stand by me

because without you I cannot stand alone

you are the reason why I am still breathing

without you

I am nothing…..

Wilbert Colas,

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How am I using the gifts God gave me? St. Paul says “Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given to you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you.” (1 Timothy 4:14) This year I find myself directing the “Mariachi” and Spanish Choir at Conception Seminary College. It is a task that I enjoy due to my love of music. It is a task that is difficult when trying to meet everyone’s needs or expectations. It is a task that is a service for the community and ultimately, for God. I am very grateful for each member that takes his time to participate in extracurricular activity that doesn’t get recognized as it should due to the time and effort put in it. Brothers and sisters, if you have a gift/talent, I invite you to share it with others in order to unify the One Body of Christ.


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How good and how pleasant it is, when brothers live in unity. Do you live in unity? It this unity with your family, friends, and/or neighbors? What about the people you don’t like? What about those who you don’t know? God invites us to love/treat one another the way you love/treat yourself. It is easier to love and pray for the person you love but praying for the one you don’t like requires dying to yourself and remembering that God is present in every person. Brothers and sisters, I invite you to pray for those you love and pray for those you don’t like and pray for those who are persecuted for being Christians. Brethren, remember that we are all united under Christ. We are the body of Christ.

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Beggar of Christ’s Love and Mercy

IMG_1971When I was home, I had a good experience living outside the seminary and witnessed the daily life of the people. I had some good experiences that helped me discern my life for priesthood. Parents strive to go to work everyday, kids are in a hurry every morning preparing themselves for school, everyone is busy in their daily routine shall we say. In the parks, people were trying to relax and enjoying the ambiance, especially on weekends. However, not all of the people I saw and that I met were fortunate enough to make their lives busy with their family and work. Some people I met were hungry with no permanent homes, and despairing.
Every morning, I went to the bakery to buy fresh bread for my light breakfast. Almost everyday three or more kids would gather close to me once they saw me receiving the change while their parents, on the other side of the street were watching them. My heart melted every time I saw them. Sometimes I was forced to ask the teller to give me coins instead of bills for my change so that I would have something to give them if they came over to me. Yet, what amazed me was their smile, their joy, and perseverance to continue to move on.
This kind of scenario is not common to first world countries. We can’t see bunches of kids asking for money. If we do, it is a very isolated case. However, poverty is not limited to the lack of accumulation of wealth and property only. A person might have all the gems and jewels of the world, yet something is lacking. One time I saw a video of Bob Marley interviewed by a reporter asking him, “Are you rich? Do you have a lot of money in the bank?” His response was so simple. “Does money and position make you rich?” he said. “Richness for me is life and friends.”
Looking for an answer to clear my mind, I remembered Pope Francis in one of his homilies saying. “Further illumination comes from recalling that the Greek word used in Matthew’s Gospel (5:3) to describe the “poor in spirit” means being reduced to a beggar. Hence the poor in spirit are those of us — poor, wealthy, middle-class — who recognize our sins and beg Christ to save us.” All of us who are baptized, and became the family of God by the virtue of our baptism, are called to be beggars of Christ love and mercy. Sometimes, it is much better to be beggars of God’s love rather than wealthy in treasures, yet poor spiritually. In this time of Lent may we beg more of Christ for He is the only one that can quench our thirst and fill our hunger, for he is the true drink and food for all of us.

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Deacon Experiences

11694959_880787078625335_2382660944328801414_n.jpgIt has been five months since my ordination as deacon and it has been a good experience.  It is a change being in seminary with classes and balancing time in the parish as well ministering as a deacon.  Finding time to write papers and homilies can be a challenge some weeks due to the demand on my time, but with the help of God anything is possible.

I am assigned to St Mary of the Miraculous Medal in Texas City, Texas and it has been a very good experience.  It is a small community and not as active as other parishes in the city of Houston.  I assist at four masses on the weekend and one is in Spanish.  I have developed my preaching skills and my reading of Spanish as well.  I have done about 20 baptisms in the parish as well and those have been wonderful experiences in welcoming new children into the church and seeing the joy in the face of the parents of the child.  Overall, my life as a deacon has been one of joy and I would not trade it for anything else.  I am very happy with where I am in life.  Answering the call of God and being a minister to others as a deacon.

The graces of the diaconate will only increase with my last semester in seminary in the spring of 2016.  I hope to learn as much as I can before ordination to the priesthood so I can be the best minister to the people of God.

St. Charles Borromeo, pray for me.

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Prayer for Vocations / Oración por las Vocaciones

vocational prayer 2016

vocational prayer Spanish 2016




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Posada Familiar por las Vocaciones 2015

posada2015 poster