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Deacon Experiences

11694959_880787078625335_2382660944328801414_n.jpgIt has been five months since my ordination as deacon and it has been a good experience.  It is a change being in seminary with classes and balancing time in the parish as well ministering as a deacon.  Finding time to write papers and homilies can be a challenge some weeks due to the demand on my time, but with the help of God anything is possible.

I am assigned to St Mary of the Miraculous Medal in Texas City, Texas and it has been a very good experience.  It is a small community and not as active as other parishes in the city of Houston.  I assist at four masses on the weekend and one is in Spanish.  I have developed my preaching skills and my reading of Spanish as well.  I have done about 20 baptisms in the parish as well and those have been wonderful experiences in welcoming new children into the church and seeing the joy in the face of the parents of the child.  Overall, my life as a deacon has been one of joy and I would not trade it for anything else.  I am very happy with where I am in life.  Answering the call of God and being a minister to others as a deacon.

The graces of the diaconate will only increase with my last semester in seminary in the spring of 2016.  I hope to learn as much as I can before ordination to the priesthood so I can be the best minister to the people of God.

St. Charles Borromeo, pray for me.

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