Going back to the roots

IMG_1762One day, I was alone watching the beautiful horizon of the place where I grew-up. Its beauty, simplicity, and green nature was a paradise. Recalling those simple days of my life living with no internet, no cellphones and even the limited stations on TV. Indeed, life on the farm is very simple yet joyful. As far as I remember, my playmates were my sister and cousins, kids in the neighborhood, and sometimes we felt glad if some cousins from out town were visiting. It was fun.
Most of the time, sweet memories are reminders of God’s blessings for me, and for sure for others too. On the last week of October until the first week of November of this year, my sister and I decided to visit the place where we grew up. For her, nothing is new because she has been in my hometown so many times, but for me who haven’t visited my hometown for several years, everything has changed. Without the Internet, cellphone signals, and mosquitos all over the place, it bothers me a lot. However, I can’t understand the desire of my heart to see the place where I grew-up. It was the place that molded me into who I am today, and it is not easy to forget that. It was the place where I learned how to walk, ride my first bicycle, to experience the beauty of nature, and most of all, to feel the love of my family.
One early afternoon, I walked around the place where I could see the wide rice field, water buffalos, chickens and some other livestock on the farm. While walking in silence, I decided to walk close to the river where I used to catch some fish. I took off my sandals and walked on foot on the rice field. At first, I was not comfortable because my foot hurts, but later on I got used to it.
Once I reached the river, I saw some changes. The river moves from its original place, but still not too far from the place where it was. Even the people lived in the area are new, and I can no longer recognize some of them. Unlike before, I almost knew all the people who lived in the area. I used to hang out with them when I was a kid, and their grandsons and kids were my playmates. We played a lot of games that most of the modern kids don’t play it anymore. We used to play bamboo guns, the tag of war, kites and many other games that we could think. Among the games that we played, one of our favorite ones was to play with spiders, we put two spiders on the stick and watched them fighting. In the battle, the stronger spider would win. I would say that it’s against animal rights, but back then, we didn’t know any laws like that. What we think was to have something to play.
Going back to the years of my childhood, I remembered the simplicity of life, we used to plant rice, catch and grew some fish to sell and for food. Farming is our means of livelihood. Remembering those days, I tried to imagine the life of the early followers of our Lord Jesus Christ in Galilee, Judah and those people who lived in small towns of Israel two thousand years ago. Their life was so simple yet full of joy because they have the most precious thing with them that they can have, it’s Jesus Christ. They went to the lake and ate their catch as one family; they helped one another as brothers and sisters, and they mourned together if one of them fell into sin, got sick or died. How I wish our life were simple like the disciples of Christ two thousand years ago, no Internets, no phones, no modern technologies but yet a life full of joy. Pope Francis in one of his homilies once said, “the Lord has visited us with His grace, and always with this humble style, the style He calls us, too, to have: humility.” It is true that there are times that our big dreams occupy our peaceful mind, yet most of the time we often forget that only Christ can bring us eternal peace in our hearts. Once we reunite ourselves with the prince of peace, our emptiness will be filled, for the source of everything will be within us.

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  1. Finally I can see this by myself.

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