A Year

This year went by so fast. Every time I think about it makes me feel amazed. It feels that I was barely told I was going to Conception yesterday but it has been a year. This entire year has been filled with many blessings. I have been able to grow so much due to all my formatters telling me my certain areas I need to grow on and my spiritual director guiding me and helping me find God’s voice. On top of that, all the friends I have made at Conception are friendships that will last forever. Each one of those guys over there has something in common with me which is trying to find God’s call. It is so amazing yet shocking that I will be heading into my junior year at Conception in such a short period of time. I will keep you all in my prayers and I ask you to pray for me each day.


About Cesar

A seminarian from the Diocese of El Paso Texas, striving to be a man in Christ, a man of the Church, and a man for others. He is a Junior at Conception Seminary College and is the Head of the Mariachi and Secretary for the Community Council.
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