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School Year

cesarThis school year is almost over, but it feels like it has been barely three months! Time has gone by so fast. It has been such a great year. I have grown so much since arriving here. Being away in the middle of “nowhere” has really helped out my spirituality. I am able to keep the notion of being a seminarian each day due to the fact that even when I go out, I go out with a group of other seminarians. The Benedictine monks have had a major impact on my spirituality and vocation. I am able to enjoy mass to a higher level because they slow down the Liturgy d a bit so that I’m able to reflect every little word that is said during the Holy Mass. The daily meditation period has also helped my appreciation of God  because it has  allowed me to have some time to reflect on a specific Biblical passage or read a spirituality book. Overall, I am thankful for being sent to Conception since it has helped me discover myself in an entire new way, one that I had never experienced before.  I can now truly say that I know who I am and what my strengths and weakness are.

About Cesar

Seminarian for Diocese of El Paso

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