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You’ve Got to Have Heart!

unnamedI was born with a heart condition and needed complicated surgery, unfortunately I was too small for the

trauma of open heart surgery and was forced to wait under the care at the hospital for six months. The

day came and the surgery went on successfully. My mother always reminded me that God healed me

and to be grateful always. She would remind me often not to waste this second chance at life and to

search for my purpose for him. As I grew I dealt with close calls of surgery several times before I

reached age of 18 but each time I was miraculously cleared of surgery. I credit my mother’s prayers and

faith in the healing power of our Lord Jesus not to mention the countless prayer groups we attended, I

believe their prayers were a reason I was given a favorable outcome every time. Again my mother

always reminded me to be grateful and to search for my greater purpose in life. Entering college I

focused on selfish things and what made me happy, forgetting the gift from God, I lived this way for

many years.

It was in 2010 that I attended an ACTS retreat where like a lightning bolt God entered my heart

and claimed it for himself. He showed me the mistakes of my past, the promise of his redeeming mercy

and the joy of serving him as his Shepard. After my retreat I never looked back, I had a renewed heart

and spirit. The day came to enter St. Charles in El Paso and as my first semester came to a close in

December God once again had a special place for me to be formed, in this place I will learn and

experience all duties required for my priestly ordination.

I arrived to Wisconsin in January and have gradually adjusted to my new home. The faculty,

staff, and seminarians are all too kind and helpful and the community rallies to support one another in

anything we may need. I’ve met some wonderful people from all over the world and it was great to find

three other seminarians with ties to Texas. Two of them graduated from high schools in El Paso but now

live in a different diocese. I have just begun my studies and have five years to go before I am done and

look forward to my experiences here at my new seminary. The Lord sure knows how to connect my past

with my future and know that I am at home here at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology.

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