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The Semester Is Winding Down

It is now the last month in the semester here at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston and it is getting a little colder outside and the leave are changing colors and falling of the trees.  But, it is also the time of final exams and term papers.  This semester I had a total of 6 papers (short and long paper) to write and 2 book reviews for my classes.  Some of them were due at the end of October or early November.  A few before Thanksgiving Break and 2 on the last day of classes.  The work has not been to hard, but it has been a lot of time typing, doing research and reflection on what I am writing on.  It’s been stressful some day, but joyful on others when I finish a paper two weeks before they are do and I can relax a little.  This has been a good semester for studies and being back in the seminary again, but returning from Pastoral Year and doing a full course load of school work has been difficult as well.  But it is through prayer and knowing that I am answering the Lord’s call that helps me continue and get all these projects done.  Also finding time to relax and taking care of myself by getting exercise, seeing a movie and finding time to take a brief break from papers.  Glad the semester is almost over, but still have to study a little bit more.

St. Charles Borromeo, pray for me.

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