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My pastoral year

Pastoral year is a program of the diocese for all the seminarians who are usually in the second or third year in theology. Each and every seminarian of the diocese in theology level needs to be ready for the internship program. Pastoral year is equivalent to “on the job training” for the all students studying in the universities. The purpose of this program is to let the seminarian apply his knowledge into action, and at the same time to taste the life of the priest, serving the people in the community.

In my first two months in Sts. Peter and Paul were full of mixed emotion; deep inside of my heart is a mixture of feelings. Fear of the unknown and the feeling of I am not ready for this big responsibility in the parish is present. I would like to say that the life in the parish is a combination of blessings and challenges. It is blessing because to be with the people of God is great to experience. The seminarian and the people will benefit from each other as a community. Each and every person of the parish has something to offer the seminarian for him to learn. Though, to serve God and his people is simple to think, but not easy to do. Challenges always accompany us when serving the Lord. The greatest challenge I am dealing with in my internship is the language. The majority of the members of the community are Spanish speakers and, as a seminarian from another country that speaks little Spanish, to learn another language is challenging. Sometimes is not easy for me to process the words of the people in the meeting. Therefore, I need to double my effort to understand what is going on in the meeting and presentations in various ministries

“2 Tim 1:8… Accept your share of the hardship that faithfulness to the gospel entails in the strength that God gives you.” However, on the positive side, challenges helped me to move forward and to strive to learn the language of the community. Even though it is not easy to prepare my reflection, presentation and talks in Spanish, God sent me some angels to help me. One of my seminarian brothers is constantly helping me, but due to his busy activities in the seminary, Sister Esperanza, the religious director of the parish is also helping me in my Spanish. Overall, my internship is challenging, but this experience will mold me to be a good servant of God in the near future, God willing.

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