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Transition Back To Seminary

unnamed-1I have returned to for my third year of theology here at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston, TX.  I have two more years left if I am to be ordained priest.  The transition for Pastoral Year to the seminary was somewhat easy.  I know that seminary is only temporal and the two years will be over before I know it.  But, what has been difficult in my transition back has been adjusting to the schedule of the seminary.  What has made it difficult has been that all of my classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.  One day class begins at 10am and ends at 9pm.  That is a heavy load to bear, but that is the schedule I was given.  Everything is structured in the seminary, not like in the parish.  There was a little more liberty.  Some days I do wish I was back in the parish, but I remind myself that this is only two more years and then I will return to El Paso forever. Sometimes it becomes difficult, but through prayer and self-reflection I am reminded that I am doing this for the Lord in answering the call he has given me to follow him towards priesthood.

St. Charles Borromeo, pray for me.

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