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Lots of Activities

10710667_825322464185825_3723513511854825857_nThe time goes by fast and we continue working in our formation. We have already completed two months of this fall 2014, and we are now in midterms. But since we started this school year, we have already completed lots of activities.

At Conception Seminary College every seminarian participates in lots of activities. Some of the activities that I participate in are Mariachi band, Athletics Committee, and the volleyball team. I enjoy each one of these activities. The mariachi just played in a dinner called Parenting for Future Priests, which is a fundraising dinner for the formation of seminarians. Then, this last week we also played in our family weekend where the seminarians invite their families to visit and know the seminary.

Now, this coming weekend we will host seminarians from different seminaries for our annual volleyball/soccer tournament. Every seminarian will volunteer for different activities of this tournament and some of us will play; however, we hope to win this year.

These are some of the activities that we have at Conception Seminary College. The formation of the seminary is not only academic or spiritual; we also have activities that bring a lot of fun.

About sergiolegarreta

I am a seminarian of the Diocese of El Paso studying at Conception Seminary College in Missouri.

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