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The Tree and Me

unnamed-3Through my formation I have been blessed to be able to go back and see the work of God in me. The reason why I can say that it is because I hold a diary where I put everything of my life in it.

Recently, I remembered a moment in my third semester. I was outside, it was 7:30pm. Homework was done and I decided to go outside and enjoy my little favorite green area where trees are around you and an image of the Virgin Mary is there at the St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. It was a little cold and there was a nice breeze that made the tree branches dance and a beautiful sunset that made the sky pink and orange beautiful colors. And silence, the perfect moment to be with God.

And during that time I was looking specifically at one tree. It is one of the tallest and also one of the thickest. It called my attention, not because of the colors of the leaves or the size of it. It just called my attention and I started reflecting upon it, and looking at it until I saw how the tree and me are alike, how the tree can teach me and help me in my spirituality. And here’s how: if I wanted to push the tree to the floor I couldn’t. And why is that? Well it’s obvious it is because it has strong roots that are so deep in the ground and they are thick and strong. If I want to be strong and not fall I need to have strong roots. In what? Well, in my morals, virtues, spirituality, in my education, in God; just like Jesus. That’s why he could never fall to sin. And what happens with the tree? Just like the tree stands strong in storms, all it does is dance through its branches, and through storms, so shall I stand strong through temptation, stress and trial, and at the end my arms will be raised up to the sky praising God, just like the tree. Just like the tree dies to itself, so shall I die to myself and resurrect in Christ. Just like the tree comes back to life in the spring with its vibrant colors, so shall I come back transformed after going through the desert. God lets rain fall on its trees so they may grow and live, so does God let grace fall upon me and give me life. And just like a tree, when it has matured, people find use for it, so when I become mature God will use me for whatever he needs. It is beautiful to see God through his creation. Praise the Lord, for he has shown mercy to his servant.

About petervenegas1994

I am a Seminarian, and i love the outdoors, and want to learn more on how to defend my faith and help my brothers get closer to their Faith.

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