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Español: inmersión total en Guadalajara

unnamed-2Yo soy afortunado por tener la oportunidad de estudiar español en Mexico, particularmente  en la famosa ciudad de Guadalajara. Before I  left  El  Paso, many of my friends were asking me how I feel and what are my  expectations. I simply replied,  “I always enjoy what I am doing. Its  going to be  an adventure and I know God is with me so no tengo miedo de estudiar español en México.” Me considero aventurero porque me gustan los retos, las emociones fuertes, viajar solo, conocer gente de diferentes países y siempre descubrir y aprender cosas nuevas. La vida es una aventura y deseo hacer de la mía algo bello que me lleve a hacer el bien a mis hermanos más necesitados.

The first challenge I had when I arrived at Guadalajara airport was that for almost an hour I could not find the  person who was going to pick me up. Perhaps it was because my flight was delayed for three  hours. Finally, after almost an hour of waiting and looking, I met Sister Caridad, who was very anxious and was looking for me everywhere. She is a Mexican sister who is in charge of the institute (CIRIMEX), where the seminarians and priests from the USA study for the summer. Cuando estábamos en el coche, ella me preguntó: “¿Hablas español, Gleen?“. “Si Hermana, poquito,”  yo le respondí”.  She was so impressed that I could speak Spanish before my formal class in Spanish starts. What could you expect from someone from El Paso, right?

During the whole summer program, all seminarians and priests are staying with different families and are encouraged to only speak Spanish at home. As for me, I am staying with a family who is very generous and friendly. The institute is just a walking distance from the house where I live and sometimes I also help at the neighboring parish, serving as a deacon in the Mass. It is such a wonderful experience and I have met new friends, seminarians and priests from the USA who are also studying Spanish. Los jueves, parte de nuestro  programa es conocer diferentes lugares de Guadalajara. El primer jueves, fuimos al centro histórico, al teatro  Degollado y a la catedral. También tuvimos la oportunidad de visitar la famosa basílica de Zapopan y las playas de Puerto Vallarta y Manzanilla del mar. Estoy muy contento porque gracias a Dios yo tengo la oportunidad de estudiar español en una ciudad que es famosa por sus bellezas.

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