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Summer 2014 – A New and Wonderful Experience!

It is summer time!!! How do you enjoy your summer so far? Wish you an enjoyable, fruitful, and blessed summer. I would like to share with you how my summer looks like so far.

For this summer, I am doing my Clinical Pastoral Education in Austin, Texas as a chaplain. I have been going from Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to Emergency Department (ED), from Cardiology to Oncology, from Neurology to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)… to visit patients in the hospital, listen to their stories and provide spiritual and emotional care to the patients, their families, and the staff, regardless of their faith tradition, or for those with no religious affiliation.

I have met patients who would leave the hospital tomorrow or who just check-in at the Emergency Department; who just received good news that he is being transferred upstairs because he is getting better or who just received not-so-good news that he has been diagnosed with terminal illness;  a family who with great joy says “welcome” to the new-born or a family who brokenheartedly says “good-bye” to one in the family.

I have had great opportunity to talk to some patients whom I deeply respect and admire for their faith and love for God. A patient whom I have visited on her sickbed said to me, “Whatever God gives me, I will accept it. God has given me many things. What else should i ask for?” Another patient, who was diagnosed with terminal illness, said to me “My life is to love and worship God. In everything, I am thankful to God.”

All in all, it has been a good summer for me so far with the CPE program. I humbly ask you to pray especially for the sick. May they find consolation and love, hope and peace in God.

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May grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you all.

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