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My Last Month at Blessed Sacrament

July 27th is my last day here at Blessed Sacrament for the summer and my pastoral internship year.  It is a little difficult to leave because of the people I have met and the ministry I have done here in the parish, but I leave so I may advance my studies towards priesthood.  It feels like yesterday that I arrived in September of 2013, but we are in July 2014.  I have been slowly cleaning my office and preparing my personal items to return to seminary.  I am thankful for the people here at the parish for teaching me how to be a good priest one day and what that work entails.  Fr. Ben, the pastor, was helpful in teaching me how a priest should live out his ministry to the people he is in charge of pastoring.  This experience has been great. I will miss the people when I leave at the end of the month, yet I am filled with joy knowing that in about two years I will return hopefully as an ordained priest to continue Jesus Christ work in the Diocese of El Paso.  This year at Blessed Sacrament will help me one day as a priest.  I will be praying for them all, but I am ready for the next step of my journey towards priesthood.   Thank you to the parishioners of Blessed Sacrament, God bless.

St. Charles Borromeo, pray for me.

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