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Everything Happens For a Reason

How many people out there have problems? You could barely have any problems or you might be filled with many. Some of the problems might be small while others are big. Some might affect you more than others. The truth is that we allow our problems to influence us in our decision-making. There are many types of problems that each one of us faces at least once in our lifetime.

One of the problems we tend to allow to affect us is an economic problem. There are times when we have a little bit more to spare while there are other times in which we barely have enough money to buy the necessities of life. A saying my mom says when we barely may afford food is “Este mes vamos a estar apretados”, which translates into “This month we will be tight on money”. Maybe you had to eat less so your family could eat. Maybe you are tired of eating the same food each day. Maybe you are used to fancy meals. Maybe you are struggling to pay your bills. Despite of the problems you are facing, God has provided enough that you moved on. Yes, you might say, “It’s been a while and I still have many problems.” This may also be a test of God to see how much faith you truly have.

Another problem many of us face is our health. How many people tend to get sick really fast? How many people suffer from a terminal illness that has no cure? Yes, many people suffer from sickness in their daily life but are still happy that God gave them another day with their families and friends. Yet, there are those who allow the sickness to control them and fall into a state of mind which is “I don’t want to live anymore”, “Why are you punishing me God?”, or “I wish I was dead”. This doesn’t affect you but affects everyone who is around you.

Another problem many of us face is losing a family member or a friend. Maybe your friend or family member died. Maybe you friend or family member moved away to a place in which it is difficult to communicate daily. I know we all tend to get depressed when someone we care about either dies or moves away. We tend to believe that we lost all connections with that loved one but that is not true. All the memories we formed with that person will always be in our hearts. All of those beautiful moments we shared with them will be in our minds. There will also be those certain phrases or that certain song that you hear and you will automatically remember your loved one. We need to remember that God works in mysterious ways and maybe it was time for our loved one to join him or go somewhere else.

The final problem many of us suffer is a spiritual problem. As much faith as we may all have, there will be a point in which we start doubting it. Maybe you are going through so many things that you start doubting God. I know that I lost that inner flame that moved me to do what I do. I was faced with a problem that was shocking to me.  This really made my faith fade away slowly.  I could not believe someone who knew me so well could do this to me. I felt that God had desolated me. As I now look back, I notice how God was there for me through different people. In a dark time during my spiritual journey, I had many close friends to me asking how I was or how I was doing and even guiding me closer to God. I wish to thank them for bringing me back toward the path of God. Maybe for you the people who God will act through could be a family member, a friend, you parish priest, or a random stranger. At the time of your problems you might not notice it but once you manage to fix your problems you will look back and realize how God never left you but instead was always with you.

We are faced with so many different problems in our life that we tend to get stressed and start blaming God for everything. It is normal for us to blame God for all of our problems. At times, the problems may be cause by our lack of control and responsibility. At other times, it is God that allows the problems to happen to truly see how much we have faith in him. An example I always love to use is Job. By reading Job 1:6-22, we figure out how Job lost it all. He lost his sons, his daughters, his camels, his asses and many servants, yet he remained faithful to God. If we all could have Jobs mentality and say “Naked I came forth from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I go back again. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord!” –Job 1:21 We have this perfect example of how one with God should truly be. Job had everything he ever wished for and once everything was taken away he still remained faithful to God. Now we need to learn from Job and praise the Lord no matter the situation. Praise him when everything is good but praise him when everything is bad since only the Lord knows why he allowed it to happen.

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