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Discipleship: A Journey in Faith

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you ask this burning question: Which way, Lord? I guess all of us have gone through a lot of experiences, wherein we have to make major decisions in life. Some of these major decisions might be painful, but they help us to be who we are today. As for me, it was 13 years ago when I made the most important decision in my life, to enter the seminary. Honestly, during that time I did not know why I was attracted to the priesthood. I just graduated from high school, very young and naive, right. It was only after I entered the seminary that I realized how serious that decision was.

When I told my mom about my decision to be a priest, she wasn’t sure whether I was serious or not. I don’t know how many times she asked me this question, “Are you really going to enter the seminary? At first, she was not very supportive. But I told her, “Mom, If this is what God wants me to do in my life, let it be, and let it go!” She did not realize that by giving me her blessing to enter the seminary, our family will be blessed abundantly.

For many years in seminary formation I have met countless of people who became my inspiration in my journey to the priesthood. Some of them were my great teachers that molded me patiently. They helped me a lot in my formation. Their encouragement and faith in me made me strong.

I think the most difficult part of being a seminarian is to leave your own family to follow your call. Thank God in this day and age we have the technology that would allow us to talk to our families abroad anytime. We have Facebook and Skype, right? However, although we are miles and miles away from our families, what really keeps us moving to continue in our journey is the joy of meeting people from different paths in life. The joy of faith, the joy of having met Jesus through the people we meet every day. Part of the blessings of being a disciple of God is the joy of meeting people and hearing their stories, be it a sad one or a happy one, and being able to share the good news that indeed God is a real person who hears our prayers and who is always there no matter what. This joy is a wonderful gift that only God can give to those who wants to follow in his footsteps.

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