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Wonderful Experience at the Easter Vigil Mass with the RCIA group…

In my second year of theology, I was with the RCIA group of a parish in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. The Easter Vigil Mass with them was a wonderful, delightful, and magnificent experience for me!!!

My Holy Saturday began early. We had rehearsal for the elect and the candidate in the morning. They all looked very happy and excited! Some of them told me that they had been looking forward to the Mass that night for a long time. The rehearsal finished around noon and we all went back to our home, took some rest and got ready for the Easter Vigil Mass.

The elect, the candidate and the RCIA team, we all gathered together at 5:30PM on Holy Saturday. Around 9:00PM, the elect was standing around the baptismal pool. Then, one of the significant moments of the night finally came! The elect, one after another, walked down the steps into the baptismal pool to be baptized by the pastor. At that very moment, the whole congregation of a thousand parishioners in the church was very quiet and paid close attention to their Catholic brothers/sisters-to-be!

I wish I could fully describe how joyful I was to see the elect, one after another, coming out of the baptismal pool! I met some of the elect right after they came out of the baptismal pool. With great joy and excitement, they told me: “I am a Catholic!!!”

They made it. They finally made it!!! I was journeying with them for a year and learned from the elect and the candidate their magnificent stories. They all experienced a great spiritual journey with many challenges, obstacles and temptations through which they grew day by day in realizing God’s presence, His blessings and peace, love and care in their lives. The elect made it! They finally made it, and so did the candidates!

Journeying with the RCIA group was a tremendous, wonderful, delightful, and magnificent experience for me. I came back to the seminary little late that night. Honestly, I physically felt little tired, however my tiredness was nothing comparing to my great joy to see the elect be baptized! What a joyful night!

I am very grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to be in the RICA team, to meet with all people in the RCIA group, to journey with them, and to be taught by them.

May God continue granting His peace and love, hope and blessings upon you all.

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May grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you all.

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