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Summer 2014

unnamedAfter the school year every seminarian is assigned to an apostolic program. The summer apostolic program could be on a parish, hospital, or diocesan offices. My assignment this summer is to work with another seminarian at the vocation office. The purpose of the vocation office is to promote vocations to priesthood, religious, and consecrated life. This summer the vocation office is organizing two events, and our job is to help in those events.

The events are for the youth and young adults. These events are vocational retreats in English and Spanish called “Which way, God?” and a Volleyball tournament called “Slam Jam.” We visit some parishes and youth groups of the Diocese of El Paso to promote these events. One form to do it is during mass. At the end of every mass we make the announcements, and at the door we greet people and talk with the youth that want to participate.

This is a great experience for me. I have met many people while I am visiting different parishes and I know more my diocese and its parishes. Moreover, I am learning how to organize events and work in promoting vocations. I know that this is one of the experiences I will not forget.



About sergiolegarreta

I am a seminarian of the Diocese of El Paso studying at Conception Seminary College in Missouri.

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