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Spring 2014

unnamedAfter three weeks of vacation in El Paso and Laredo, I had a good beginning of the semester with a five day silent retreat at the Christian Renewal Center in Dickinson for the seminary.
It is good lo live in a moment of silence with conferences about the gift of the Holy Spirit and other the important aspects of pastoral ministry. I really enjoyed this time because it was a time for me to go deeper in my relationship with God and discernment of my vocation.

During these five days, I prayed, meditated, rested, and exercised. This is the time when I tried to distribute my time in the different activities. The focus of the retreat was about my vocation and my class in spring semester. Also, I looked in myself to see the need regarding the  strength of the different gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is beautiful when I find weakness in those gifts because it helps me to work hard on those gifts and to have new goals for the new year in order to growth in my vocation.

At the end of the retreat, I felt renewed to begin my spring semester at St. Mary’s. It will be a challenging semester where I return to take two Pre-Theology classes and Two Theology classes.

About mfperezg1986

From Colombia. Seminarian from Diocese of El Paso. Study in St. Mary's Seminary in Houston, Tx. Computer Engineer. Favorite sport is soccer.

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