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Cultural Diversity at the Seminary


One of the recent exciting events at Mundelein Seminary was the Hispanic community’s first

annual cookout. At this seminary, the Hispanic community is well organized and ready to engage the

community at large. The Hispanic ministry organizes various events throughout the year in which we are

able to demonstrate and share the best of our Latin culture. There is an amazing group of seminarians

from different Latin American countries, and each of us had the opportunity to share our distinctive

culinary taste.

I am now here at Mundelein Seminary in the Chicago area, and this is my first year of formation

after my graduation from Assumption Seminary in San Antonio, Texas. I am part of the Hispanic

community, and we, approximately 20% of the totality of the Mundelein student body, gathered

together to organize a special afternoon in which we prepared different recipes from our home

countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. We all cooked chicken, but

each in our own distinctive way. In this way, our special guests and the entire Mundelein seminary

community had the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable moment.

The event took place in the evening. Our rector, Rev. Robert Barren, prayed and blessed the

food. Then we started serving the food while the guests enjoyed an amazing group of musicians from

South America who were playing Andean Music. It was just an incredible moment in which we had the

opportunity to share some of our cultural richness.

We prayed, ate, sang, and shared part of our Hispanic essence: happiness and love. Indeed, this is

part of every Christian experience. When Christ is at the center of our lives, we cannot but rejoice and

celebrate all the good things that He has done for us.

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