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Clinical Pastoral Education

hospital-chaplaincy-CUTThis summer, I have been in Lubbock, Texas doing my Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Covenant Medical Center across from the Texas Tech University.  CPE is a program here in the hospital where you are a chaplain providing spiritual care for the patients and staff in the hospital.  You help patients in their spiritual life to know and understand God’s role in their lives.  You also provide a listening ear for patients who just want to talk about their joys and struggles in their lives.  As a chaplain, you are the presence of God to the patients.  That is what this ministry tries to do, to bring the presence of God to a patient who is suffering through cancer or recovering from surgery or comfort to a family who has lost a loved one.  A chaplain brings God to them in this delicate state in life.

The experience of CPE has allowed me to learn and develop my skills of ministering to people who are sick.  Finding the words and providing presence to them.  Learning how to be the role of chaplain and develop my presentation as a future priest for the Diocese of El Paso.  I am also learing more about myself and my relationship with God through my interaction with patience.   Seeing God’s presence in the visits and how is he helping patients during this crisis in their lives.

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