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Life On The Road

Since I joined seminary three years ago, life has been one of constant moving to new places to follow my call towards priesthood.  I began my seminary journey in El Paso at St. Charles Seminary for a semester in the fall of 2010.  Then Assumption Seminary in San Antonio to begin Theological Studies for a semester in the Spring of 2011.  Then I was asked to move to St Mary’s Seminary in Houston for the last two years for Theology.  These moves for studies can be difficult at times because everyone has to go with you.  One leaves family and friends for long periods of time.  One’s emotions are also tested during these times of moving and change in life.  Within all these movements to different seminaries, I have also had different summer assignments.  Omaha in the summer of 2012 for spirituality learning and to Lubbock this summer for Clinical Pastoral Education in a hospital.

All this traveling may be stressful at times, but I understand that it is to seek a Greater Good in serving God.  Faith is what helps me through all these changes in my life as a seminarian.

St. Charles Borromeo, pray for me.

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