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Holy Week

I experienced Holy Week in El Paso this year because we were given the week off as break.  I helped in the liturgical services at my home parish, Our Lady of the Light, on Delta in central El Paso.  I helped in the liturgies for the whole week.  Preparing myself spiritualy was a little difficult some days.  Holy Week is meant for us to “walk with Jesus during his passion.”  As a seminarian, that is difficult because of the work we do in the parish during the week.  But, I tried to “walk with Jesus.”  I did my Divine Office every day during the week because it helps one prepare for the events that are going to happen.  Helping during the different liturgies is where it is difficult.  I was Master of Ceremonies at my parish. One has to be aware of everything that is going on.  One comes out tired at the end of mass.  How does one continue to “walk with Jesus?”  Through reflection, I came to the realization that “this is how Jesus and his disciples must have felt during these days.”  The disciples were joyful, tired and confused these days in the scriptures.  I am re-living those events and trying to share in them.  Through all the hard work, I am sharing in Jesus’ suffering.  I am sharing in the meal, walking with Him to the cross, placing him in the tomb and finally witnessing Him rising from the dead.  Spiritually, I was uniting myself with Christ in a way I was not entirely seeing at the moment, but I am grateful now for the experience of this past Holy Week.  I pray I may draw closer to Jesus during this season of Easter.

St. Charles Borromeo, Pray for me.

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