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Thank You for your Prayers!

Our lives are full of blessings…

Two days ago, I received a letter from the Confirmation students at a parish in our El Paso diocese…

While I was opening the letter, I was wondering how the senders knew me!!!

I was looking at the name of the senders for a while and trying to remember if I have ever met them by any chance.

After reading the first sentence in the letter, I then had some information about the senders and where they are. I think I have not yet had an opportunity to meet them before.

Though I have not met them, they wrote that they have been praying for me, especially for my vocation.

What a blessing! I am filled with gratitude to God.

I am very grateful to God for having them in my vocation journey. We may be far away but close in prayers. I give thanks to God for their prayers and for yours as well.

The farther I am on my vocation journey, the more I need your prayers!

I humbly ask for your prayer for our El Paso seminarians so that they may become the faithful servants of God to serve the diocese of El Paso.

Thank you very much for your prayers…

May God bless you always!

About Cong Vo

May grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you all.

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