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The rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the catechetical process for adults who, after
hearing the proclamation of the Mystery of Christ, consciously and freely seek the living God,
and begin the process of conversion as the Holy Spirit open their hearts. (RCIA no. 1)

Last semester, fall 2012, I had the opportunity to study this interesting theme of RCIA in
the Pastoral Catechesis class at Oblate School of Theology. Honestly, I did not understand many
things of this process because it was new for me. However, it seemed interesting to me. This
semester, I am helping in the RCIA process for children at St Thomas More Catholic Parish in
San Antonio, Texas. In this parish I have a great work team: two teachers, Mrs. Linda and Mrs.
Teresa, and Mrs. Kelly Aguilar, my supervisor.

I am going to help in the RCIA process for children every Sunday morning from 9:00 am
to 12:30 pm. At this time a group of seven catechumens meet at the parish for the catechetical
preparation. Some Sundays, everybody attends the catechetical formation and on other days only
a few of them attend. However, our team is proud to walk with the catechumens in their spiritual
journey of conversion and preparation for the reception of the initiation sacraments: Baptism,
Confirmation and First Communion.

The catechumens have already celebrated the Rite of Welcoming, the Rite of Sending,
and lastly, the Rite of Acceptance. This experience of walking together with catechumens has
been a great experience. I have shared my experience of faith and have learned very much of the
RCIA process. Likewise, I have realized that the RCIA process is the best opportunity that the
parishes have to engage people in different ministries within the parish. This experience has also
taught me that I have to learn many things about this important catechetical process. People are
thirsty for a personal encounter with God. People are waiting for our testimony of Christ in this Lenten season.

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