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God works in Mysterious Ways…


This Spring semester, I go to a parish about 20 minutes from the seminary on Sunday to serve at the 10:00AM Mass and meet with the RCIA group after Mass. The following is my experience with the RCIA group last Sunday, the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.

My brother seminarian and I were the coordinators last Sunday. After the opening prayer, we read the Sunday readings and invited everyone to listen to God speaking to them in silence. After few minutes, we invited everyone to share if they were willing to do so.

Even though the invitation was brought up, the silence was continuing!!!

I was praying and praying …

After a short moment of unexpected-additional silence, my brother seminarian and I started sharing our reflection on the readings. Then, we also shared to the group our vocation stories and our experience of the presence of God in our daily life and so on…

We received one questions, two questions, and more questions from the RCIA group… The conversations then began!

Most of people in our RCIA group started sharing their reflection, their story, and their experience of God’s presence in daily life.

The conversation went on and on…

We wished we could have had more time to share in our RCIA group last Sunday. We closed the RICA meeting with a prayer.

Everyone in the group was leaving the RCIA meeting with great joy, peace, and hope in God.

After all, we know more about each other’s journey of faith…

My brother seminarian and I were leaving the parish on that Sunday with great joy and gratitude to God. We give praise and thanks to God for working in us and through us.

“I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)



On Saturday Feb. 02nd, two of our El Paso seminarians: Victorino Loresca and I will receive the ministry of Lector. I humbly ask for your prayer for our seminarians, especially for Victorino Loresca and myself as we receive the ministry of Lector.

May God bless you always.

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May grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you all.

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