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Seminarian’s Spring Retreat

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Seminary faculty and the deacon class for organizing the 2013 Spring Retreat. My gratitude also goes to our dear retreat master Msgr. Chester Borski, a wonderful priest and Pastor. It was a wonderful five days silent retreat that has left me finding it hard to climb down the mountain. It is a hilarious way to begin a semester. The Theme of the Retreat: Year of Faith and New Evangelization. It was enriching to learn, study and pray with the Gospel of John in relation to the theme,one of the profound questions was; how do I know that God is calling me to be a Roman Catholic Priest? Honestly, this is a question I have no answer to even after the hilarious Retreat and I may not have a direct answer untill I become one. All I have learned and continue to discover is that, I am in the state of becoming. By the virtue of perseverering in the formation since 2003 untill now and still giving my life to living seminary formation is an indication that God has a mission for me and with me. There is an inner drive that keeps me going, helping me to listen to the Word of God at the Eucharistic celebrations and formation programs. I have realized that God is always working in me, He is always giving me new life in my call.

The retreat helped me to have self-introspection concerning where God is in my life and how close I am to him. And also as His disciple, reflect on how I am living and responding to his call in my life. As a newly ordained Deacon, the retreat gave me energy to strive to touch peoples’ lives and to be kind to people. I have also learned that I live my life surrounded by God’s grace which is  walking with me in dicovering will of God and to continue to become like Christ everyday. It was a wonderful way to begin a semester. God bless everyone who made the retreat successful.

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