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God continues talking to us

As we started this new Semester at the seminary, we have a lot of energy and expectations. It is part of our formation to begin with a week of retreat in order to be focused and cultivate our spiritual life. I want to share a reflection about the first conference that we had. It was taken from the Gospel of Saint John1, 35-51. It talks about the call, about vocation. As we know, Saint John is the beloved disciple of our Lord, and we can sense that through his gospel. “What are you looking for?”, Jesus asks each one of us who is searching in life. Is He included in our expectations and plan of life? In this beautiful passage, we see the figure of some disciple who brings the good news to others: “We have found the Messiah”. We should remember that through the history of salvation God always uses normal people as instruments, just as you and I. But when the time comes he speaks through his own Son. Let us see through our history how God has talked to us through different people in different situations and, at the end, we will discover that we are, as Saint John the apostle, Jesus’ beloved disciples.

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