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Back after the first semester

Last Sunday, my fellow seminarians and I arrived to Conception, Missouri for another academic semester, after being at home for about three weeks.

I had a great time in El Paso. I visited my parents, my grandparents, brother seminarians, some priests, and some friends. I also went to Chihuahua for a week, and I saw many people that I missed a lot. After this time of rest, I am ready to start with my fourth semester at seminary.

As I was traveling, I was thinking that a seminarian gets to know many different people from different places. In our Diocese, we visit many parishes and we meet a lot of parishioners. Here in Conception, we meet seminarians from all throughout the Midwest of the U.S. And I grew up in another country, so I still have many very good friends back in Mexico. I think the heart of the priest has to grow bigger and bigger so that everyone he knows can fit inside of it. I am currently working on making my heart grow bigger, and the formation program in the seminary helps me very much.

I hope that all of you have had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish to you a new year full of opportunities to grow in the love of God and of our brothers and sisters. If you already discovered your vocation, live it to the fullest. If you have not discovered it yet, open your heart and God will enlighten it. Blessings!

Ivan Montelongo

About Ivan

I'm a seminarian of the Diocese of El Paso. I grew up in Chihuahua, Mexico, and moved to El Paso, TX, when I was 15 years old. I have discovered that loving and serving the Lord is the best decision one can make in one's life. Soy un seminarista de la Diócesis de El Paso. Crecí en Chihuahua, México, y me mudé a El Paso, Texas, cuando tenía 15 años. He descubierto que amar y servir al Señor es la mejor decisión que se puede tomar en la vida.

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