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Grieving Time

Last summer, I was at my home parish, St. Luke in El Paso for my summer assignment. I had a difficult experience because my younger brother was hospitalized in Colombia because of Leukemia. He passed away four days after he arrived to the hospital. Being in El Paso, far away from my family  is not an easy situation to be in. I went to Colombia in the same day when my brother died. It was a very long and difficult trip. I was shocked because everything happened so quickly and it made remember the time when my sister passed away in 2005.

Before my brother’s death, I was in Colombia in May for some days of vacation, and I had the opportunity to share this time with my family and brother. It was painful remembering the few days I had spent with my brother during my short trip, but it was great that my brother and I had vacation days at the same time. Although it is difficult to understand God’s will, it is a blessing that God gave me the opportunity to be there with my family in May.
When I reflect on this experience, sometimes I feel alone but this is part of our humanity, but my humanity does not help me to understand the experience much clearer. When I reflect on the positive side of this situation, I see that I have two angels in heaven who are watching over my family and I. Not only do I have two angels, but also I have caring people around me in Colombia, El Paso, and at St. Mary’s Seminary who support and encourage me to continue in my discernment process towards priesthood.

About mfperezg1986

From Colombia. Seminarian from Diocese of El Paso. Study in St. Mary's Seminary in Houston, Tx. Computer Engineer. Favorite sport is soccer.

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