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Week of Midterm Exams and then Enjoy my Free Weekend

The week from October 8 to October 12, 2012, I took three midterm exams and I did a paper for Mark & Method class. This was a difficult week in my studies. I also had some extra classes, such as Priestly Formation and Spiritual Direction, and also Phonetics classes that St. Mary’s Seminary requires me to take so that I can improve my English accent. In the difficulties of my life, I have needed to find refuge in God through my prayers. He gives me the necessary strength to face every situation in my life.  A good example is during the week of my midterms.
Being in this kind of situation of midterms during this point in the semester helps me to manage very well my time in studies, assignment in the seminary, daily pray and exercise.
I relaxed during my fall break from October 13-16. I spent my time with friends in different activities as sharing meals, watching movies with them, and also visiting some of my friends who are in other seminaries.  Also, I walked in the malls and played tennis. I thank God because I had my midterms before the break and I could take some time off. Although, it was a great time, I needed to take care of some of the assignments of the classes during my break. This break helped my to take a new strength for continuing my semester.

About mfperezg1986

From Colombia. Seminarian from Diocese of El Paso. Study in St. Mary's Seminary in Houston, Tx. Computer Engineer. Favorite sport is soccer.

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