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It is already midway through the fall semester here at the seminary.  The first seven weeks went by quickly, we are already in the middle of October.  Just finishing up with midterm exams, one more left and it is due by Thursday Oct. 25th.  Have several papers to continue work on.  Also, have three presentations to prepare in the next three weeks.  Need to move on to the next book for another exam in Church History class.  Writing this blog is making me realize that I am running out of time.

Plus, in addition to the studies, I also have activities here at the seminary.  Sacristan work is a little easier now since the sacristy team is trained on how the liturgy is celebrated here at St. Mary’s, but it gets difficult when we have large liturgical function. Examples, Shepherd’s Cup mass with Cardinal Dinardo and 250 extra people in attendance.

Trying to manage all of this, academics, liturgy, and human is difficult at times, but prayer helps me get through all of this.  The workload may be difficult, but I know that I am not alone, the Lord is accompanying me during the difficult times here at the seminary.

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