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First Exam of the Semester

My first exam for the semester was in Church History II class, the period from the 1300 to 1870 in the church.  We had to read the whole book titled The Conciliarist Tradition: Constitutionalism in the Catholic Church 1300-1870 by Francis Oakley.  It was 263 pages long and had about three weeks to read all of it.  That was difficult to do with my other four classes and also with the seminary schedule here at St. Mary’s.  The book discusses conciliarism, which is the idea of an ecumenical council rather than the pope holding supreme power over the church.  It is an interesting book, but it was difficult to find time and read it thoroughly.  Studying for the test was difficult as well.  It was a huge amount of information to take in.  Group studying proved to be the best option to understand the material from the papacy in Avignon, France (1305) to the First Vatican Council (1870).  I studied as best I could on my own so I can process the information in my own words and thoughts.

The day of the exam, I was a little stressed because I had not gotten enough sleep and I felt I could of studied a little more.   I prayed for Lord to assist me to write the history of the Church as best as I could remember, and to help me do his will faithfully.  I took the exam in the afternoon.  I hope my responses are what the professor was searching for.

On to the next exam in a few weeks.

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