My Vocation Story

On 31st December of the year 1982, Salome Dela Cruz gave birth to a healthy boy, and she named him Victorino Loresca Jr. After a year and six months of my birth, the place where I was born was hit by a powerful typhoon, and because of that my grandmother and the whole family decided that we should stay in Mindanao, Philippines, for it is safe from any natural calamities. In Mindanao, I finished my Elementary school. After I finished my grade school, my mother decided to transfer me to Davao City because Mindanao had many conflicts between Muslims and Christians.

After my elementary, my Mom decided to transfer me to Davao City. I finished my High School and bachelors degree in the same place; when I was in college, I joined the ROTC and underwent Naval advance training. After my college, I tried to find some good jobs to support my needs and my family. I decided to work in different offices, malls and later on, I tried to join the armed forces of the Philippines under the Navy, at the same time I am working as a catechist in Divine Mercy Community. Later on, I tried to be commissioned as Navy officer. In preparation for my commissionership, I underwent Naval Science 43 training in Cavite City. Even though I loved to serve my country as a sailor or soldier, I could not remove my desire to love God and serve His people. Even when I was in training, I always went for “Church call”, which means Sunday mass in Naval terminology. In my experience as a catechist, my love to God was deepened especially through His people whom I served. While waiting for my commissionership papers to be approved, I didn’t expect that God would call me again. To make the story short, before I was accepted to be an officer, I was accepted in St. Charles as one of their new seminarians. I told myself when I was in high school: “I will join the seminary at the age of 26”, but later on I forgot my promise. On the other hand, God always remembered about my vocation. Before I turned 27, I was accepted by the Diocese of El Paso and arrived in the US on the 29th of October, 2010. In my three years in the seminary together with my brother seminarians, I have felt happy and comfortable. Our closeness and respect to each other gives me courage to serve God, for they are sincere brothers all the time, even in the time of circumstances. I am looking forward to serve the people of God in El Paso. The help of our Almighty God be with your prayers.

3 comments on “My Vocation Story

  1. Praise God!!!

  2. very inspiring story we are very related to each other im also a seminarian here in manila in Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in New Manila

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