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Discernment Process of My Vocation

God’s call began when my mom and one of my neighbors encouraged me to help the priest in the activities that he did for the building of the Parish. I accepted to participate in a group of Biblical formation. This was a week before Holy Week in 2005. This was actually my first Holy Week that I lived. I participated in different activities in my Parish to dramatize every event that we lived in Holy Week, like the last supper, the passion of the Lord, and the Resurrection. At this moment, I didn’t think of becoming a priest, but I admired the work of the priests. After Holy week, I began to be a catechist in my parish, now that the parish was going to be active. My experience as a catechist was very good because I got to know the many difficulties of the families and children. I always observed the behavior of the children and youth in the catechesis. Then, Father Julio encouraged me to be leader of the youth group because in the parish he found the need of many young people who wanted to be part of the youth group.  I accepted to be leader because I liked the idea. Afterwards, Father Julio sometimes told me that he would help me to enter the seminary. I told him no because I was studying at the University, and probably I would go to work as a Computer Engineer in some company in Colombia. Father Julio trusted me with all the parish needs. My roles in the parish were, leader of the catechesis, leader of the altar servers, work in the parish office, and also I helped in the construction of some parts of the parish during my free time, and when the work required a lot of people.

During all the work at the parish, I felt God’s calling, but I myself closed the door for entering the seminary. I told myself that “this was not for me.” The pastor offered me to enter the seminary again, and he encourage me, but I told him no, or I avoided the conversation. When we visited his friends, he told them that I was a pending vocation, and that we were waiting for me to finish my studies. During those moments, I didn’t pay attention. Many times, I reflect about that moment before I go to sleep, and I pray for the intersession of the Virgin Mary, and I ask God for strength. In my life, my parents never told me about entering the seminary. Only, I knew about the seminary when I began to help at the parish. Through my prayers and the people’s prayers, I think that God was guiding me along the way to make a decision. God gave me the strength to tell Father Julio. I wanted to enter the seminary. He gave me advice that I needed to finish my University studies. “You made a good decision to follow God’s calling,” he said. And now, I am enjoying Diocese of El Paso.

About mfperezg1986

From Colombia. Seminarian from Diocese of El Paso. Study in St. Mary's Seminary in Houston, Tx. Computer Engineer. Favorite sport is soccer.

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