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My vocation process

My name is Apolinar Samboni. I was born on March 25, 1970 in Bolivar, Cauca, Colombia. My family consisted of two sisters, two brothers, and me, the youngest. I had the opportunity to share all my life long with my family. I stared my elementary school when I was seven years old, and the same year I received the sacrament of Confirmation, and next year I received the sacrament of my First Communion. When I was sixteen years old, I left my house and went to a town where I began my Junior School. And I was twenty two years old I finished my High school. It was a great step in my life, and my family was very happy, too. After my graduation, I came back home and was my family again.

When I was 28 years old, I stared my studies at the Pontifical Xaveriana University from Bogota, Colombia where I obtained my degree in “Religious Education” (Philosophy and Theology.) I have faced some troubles with the loss of my parents and brother. My father passed away on April 26, 2001. My mother passed away on November 30, 2006. My older brother passed away on August 02, 2009 and my older sister suffered a stroke on December 24, 2010. My priestly formation started on January 01, 2009, when I came to America for my first time. I came to El Paso, Texas and I was there for one year. Then I went to Assumption Seminary in San Antonio, where I have been studying until today. I am happy because I have the great opportunity of studying theology at Oblate School of Theology. I hope to do a better work in my priestly formation. Every day I give thanks to God because he has blessed me with this fabulous opportunity of being in the seminary. Now I am continuing with my priestly formation in third year of Theology at Oblate School of Theology and stay at Assumption Seminary. God willing, I hope to be a priest to serve the community of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso, where there are many faithful people.

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