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My Vocation Story

I am a native of El Paso, and I am Twenty-seven years old.  I grew up around the Thomason (now University Medical Center).  My vocation began when I was nine years old. I was at my First Communion Mass at Our Lady of the Light Parish.  I felt in my heart during the priests homily that I wanted to be a priest.  I kept my feeling about priesthood secretly for a few years.  I finally told my family that I wanted to be a priest when I grew up.  At Henderson Middle School I began telling friends that.  At Thomas Jefferson High School, I still had the desire to become a priest.  During this time I was an altar server and a catechist at my parish.  I would also visit St. Charles Seminary to pray, interact and just talk with the seminarians during high school.

I graduated from Jefferson in 2003, and went to the University of Texas-El Paso for my undergraduate studies.  But I was studying to be a music teacher.  I do not know why I chose music, but I did.  I still felt in my heart that I wanted to be a priest, but music was where I was drawn to at that time.  I was still active in the parish, and still in contact with St. Charles.  Music proved to be a little challenging for me, so I switched my major to Philosophy, knowing that I needed that degree for the priesthood.  I graduated from UTEP in the Fall of 2009.  I entered St. Charles in the Fall of 2010 and spent a semesterd there getting used to seminary life.  In the Spring of 2011 I went to Assumption Seminary in San Antonio, TX to begin my Theology studies.  The Summer of 2011, Bishop Armando Ochoa asked if I would transfer to St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston, TX.  I began that fall semester in my first year of Theology.  I am beginning my second year at St. Mary’s now.  I feel in my heart that the Lord is calling me to priesthood, but I pray to do His will faithfully.  God bless.

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