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Vocational History

My name is Allan Alaka, I am 29 years old. I come from a family of four siblings and I am the first-born of the four children. I started admiring priesthood life when I was seven years old. My grandparents made it a tradition to invite a priest to celebrate mass at our rural home annually in the Month of August, and every time the priest would come home to celebrate mass, I would make sure that I sit somewhere very close to where the temporary altar was. I used to observe everything he was doing and in the evening I would imitate what he was doing especially the part of consecration. Later on I requested my pastor (Fr. John Clarke) who was from the Great Britain, to enroll me to be a Mass server. I admired his missionary spirit and sacrifice and as a result of his hard work he inspired me to be a missionary and that is all I wanted to be since I was a young boy. I then joined a minor seminary high school to continue with my discernment, but I was convinced by my rector at the seminary to join my archdiocese  (Kisumu-Kenya) although at the back of my mind I wanted to a missionary. My prayer was finally answered in 2009 when the diocese of El Paso accepted me to be their seminarian. I continued to discern my vocation at St. Charles seminary for close to a year before I was finally accepted at Assumption seminary in San Antonio, Texas. The opportunity to discern my vocation to the priesthood of Jesus Christ as a seminarian for the Diocese of El Paso, is the greatest blessing I have ever received. Honestly, the journey hasn’t been easy, but there are also many blessings as well. I have been sent to a wonderful seminary, and also had a wonderful experience at the Institute of Priestly Formation at Creighton University that have allowed me to focus on my discernment. I have also been given the opportunity to have nine Months pastoral internship in a parish where I’ve met many holy men and women . These people are the reason I am able to accept God’s will for my life. their loving example, support and prayers have made it possible for me to persevere in my studies, become a better Catholic man, and desire to become more like Christ everyday. Dear friends, if you decide to enter seminary for El Paso diocese, you will be given the opportunity to grow in wisdom, discern God’s will, and fall in love with Him, His people and His Church. I pray that everyone in the diocese will desire to do God’s will and grow in love with Him everyday. Amen.

Allan Oluoch Alaka, Theology IV, Assumption Seminary.

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