Vocational Journey / Jornada Vocacional

  God is calling you!  All youth are invited to a Vocational Journey that will take place at Saint Charles Seminary on June 25th in English and July 9th in Spanish from 2PM to 8PM.  We will hear the fascinating stories of how ordinary people become priests, religious sisters, married people and dedicated single people in […]

God’s Not Dead

The Lord has Risen, Alleluia! Our God is not dead, He is alive! Christ died for each one of us. This “death” of His is the greatest sign of love. Rejoice my brothers and sisters, Christ loves each one us. Let us turn back to Him and show others what it means to be Christians. […]


Lent is a time in which many offer up things for God in order to grow in a certain area in their life. What have you offered up? How many times do we complain about school, work, family and/or live in general? Why do we complain? Does someone or something drive us crazy, angry or […]

Estar Atento Con Dios…Ser Positivo

Lo que voy a compartir en este momento es de mi primer semestre en Sacred Heart Seminary, donde descubrí la profundad del amor de Dios en mi vida. En mi mente pensé que iba a empezar con la teología pero no era lo que pensaba.. Pues eso me hizo entender que en la vida hay que […]


How am I using the gifts God gave me? St. Paul says “Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given to you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you.” (1 Timothy 4:14) This year I find myself directing the “Mariachi” and Spanish Choir at Conception Seminary College. It […]


How good and how pleasant it is, when brothers live in unity. Do you live in unity? It this unity with your family, friends, and/or neighbors? What about the people you don’t like? What about those who you don’t know? God invites us to love/treat one another the way you love/treat yourself. It is easier […]

Beggar of Christ’s Love and Mercy

When I was home, I had a good experience living outside the seminary and witnessed the daily life of the people. I had some good experiences that helped me discern my life for priesthood. Parents strive to go to work everyday, kids are in a hurry every morning preparing themselves for school, everyone is busy […]

Deacon Experiences

It has been five months since my ordination as deacon and it has been a good experience.  It is a change being in seminary with classes and balancing time in the parish as well ministering as a deacon.  Finding time to write papers and homilies can be a challenge some weeks due to the demand […]

Categories / Categorías

New School Year

New School Year

Something that characterizes the beginning of the new school year is the list of books that are necessary for classes. The books weigh heavy and can be very intimidating (many seminarians will even post photos of their school books to social media sites in exaggeration.) But I ask myself, “What is it that keeps me […]

Discernment / Discernimiento

La Vida En El Seminario

La Vida En El Seminario

Que pronto se pasa el tiempo. Otro semestre en Concepción ya casi se termina. Siempre me pregunto, “¿Aún sigo haciendo lo que Dios quiere?” y mi repuesta siempre viene siendo sí y no. Sí, porque aún estoy feliz en lo que hago y en el lugar donde yo estoy. No, porque yo estoy consciente de […]

Interesting / Interesante

Ministry of Lector at St. Mary’s Seminary

Ministry of Lector at St. Mary’s Seminary

On February 15, 2015, I received and was installed into the Ministry of Lector for the Catholic Church by Most Rev. Curtis J. Guillory Bishop of Beaumont. This is the first step to get ready for priestly ordination. In this ministry, I have been given the responsibility to proclaim the Word of God in the […]

Interviews / Entrevistas

Interviews at Mundelein

Interviews at Mundelein

Blake Brooks is a seminarian for the Diocese of Puria. He is studying at Mundelein seminarian and he is part of the 2018 graduation class in which God willing he will become a priest. In Spring 2015 Blake leaded an interesting visit to Madison Wisconsin university and here are the questions I asked him about […]

Seminary Life / Vida en el Seminario

Mis primeras vacaciones como seminarista

Mis primeras vacaciones como seminarista

Después de que entre al Seminario San Charles Borromeo, de la Diócesis de El Paso Tx. Pase 4 meses en los cuales no había ido a mi casa, la cual se encuentra en Saucillo, Chihuahua. Mi ciudad queda de 7 a 8 horas de distancia del  El Paso haciendo el viaje en camión. Cuando iba de camino a […]

Vocation Story / Historia Vocacional

Mi llamada recibida por Dios para seguirle a El

Mi llamada recibida por Dios para seguirle a El

Yo soy Wilbert Colas de Haití, por la gracia y la bendición de Dios nací el 04/01/1981 en un pueblo muy humilde y muy católico, dónde la gente tiene mucha fe en Dios nuestro Creador. Este lugar se llama JEAN-RABEL, está en la provincia de Noroeste de Haití donde aprendí como seguir a Dios en […]